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Last Updated: 00:50 on 22 July 2019.
Current Conditions @ Pine Hill, Dunedin (160metres ASL): .
8.2°c8.4°c/ 8.0°c
Max / Min
Rel Hum: 99% Dewpoint: 8.1°c
Rain Last Hour
Peak Hr:
Today: 0.0mm
Rate: 0.0mm/hr 24hrs: 25.2mm
--- 0.0km/h
Day Avg: ESE km/h, Peak: 1.7km/h G:6.4km/h
Barometer: 1012.84mb, Steady 0.00mb/hr. (1013.04 - 1012.70mb)
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Yesterday's Data. July's Data.
10.1°c/ 7.9°c
Max / Min
Peak 1 hour Rain:
Total Rainfall: 25.4mm
Day Avg:  ESE: km/h
Peak Avg (10min): 4.1km/h
Peak Gust: 12.9km/h
20.1°c/ 3.1°c
Max / Min
Wettest Day: 34.4mm
Total Rainfall: 68.2mm
Hi'st Day Avg: km/h
Hi'st Avg (10min): 25.8km/h
Hi'st Peak Gust: 64.4km/h
2019's Data.
Max: 30.9°c on 05 January
Min: 1.5°c on 19 June
Wettest Hour: 11.4mm on 13 January
Wettest Day: 34.4mm on 20 July
Wettest Month: 111.2mm in January
Total Rainfall to date this year: 463.0mm
Predicted total for 2019:
Hi'st Day Avg:
Hi'st Avg: 35.9km/h on 07 April
Hi'st Gust: 64.4km/h on 07 July

Data supplied by an Automated Weather Station (AWS). Whilst we endeavour to keep our data as accurate as possible, occasionally incorrect data is displayed before it can be verified or corrected, therefor this data is for general guidance only and must not be relied upon in any way. If you do notice something you believe to be an error please feel free to contact us.
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